pixels are prosody

Big skies, little poems, cracked sidewalks, singular they: I am a graphic designer & street photography hobbyist with a focus on graffiti and urban environments.

I often quip that photography is 5% rule of thirds, 10% squatting, and 85% trespassing. But really, the objects that tug at my trigger finger trespass on us. From confetti in a gutter, to a bird drawn on a garbage bin, to an entire apartment’s worth of furniture abandoned beside a road, these objects are the proverbial tree come crashing down. They are discards revealing joy, tragedy, broken connections – and under our gaze, burgeoning new ones. My goal is to capture these signs of blight and transform them. From garbage is gifts. From trash is treasure. They are the sound of the tree reverberating through the forest – and the lens is the medium through which we hear it.

I have shown at the Hub Gallery in Vallejo, CA and Rosenblum Cellars in Oakland, CA. For media inqueries or if you would like to show my work, please contact me at sarahlombardo @ gmail.com.